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Let’s face it, when you’re planning  your wedding reception, finding the the right Charlotte DJ service is absolutely the most important decision you’re going to make.  But with some research, hiring the best DJ Service in Charlotte NC, such as Diamond DJ’s, can be done.


The ABSOLUTE best way to do your research is to READ REVIEWS! If a DJ at an event was really bad at keeping the flow, do you really think the Bride would take the time to leave him a great review? Sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot are excellent sites to use for research. The reviews posted on these sites are real. This is the only review source we use. They cannot be manipulated. There are companies out there that post reviews on their websites but they have full control over what gets written on their sites. Reviews posted on Wedding Wire and on The Knot are written by the bride and confirmed before posted.


Another thing you can do is meet with a few Charlotte DJ services like Diamond DJs. It’s important to find the right DJ with the proper Wedding Reception Experience that fits what you’re looking for.  Sitting down with a few DJ services will help you find the one right for you.  Ask questions like ‘Do you take requests from guests?’  Or ‘How many weddings have you performed?’ It is also helpful to find out if the DJ has performed at the venue where you are holding your reception.  Having a DJ that is familiar with the staff and the layout of the venue can be very helpful on the day of the event.


Read the reviews and meet with your perspective DJ before making your decision.  A little research can go a long way in finding the right Charlotte DJ service for your special event.

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