Let the Music Play!

Congratulations on your big day! It’s going to be very special. You have your beautiful dress. You’ve chosen the venue, tasted the cake, and picked out the menu. Everything is going to be perfect…UNLESS the music isn’t right. The wedding DJ entertainment could make or break your perfect wedding day. Be sure that you think of your entire guest list (family and friends). You love country, hip-hop, and alternative. Yes, this is your wedding, but the party is also for your guests!

You should give your wedding DJ a list of songs for your special dances (these should be personal to you) along with a list of Must Play AND Do Not Play songs. Today’s brides are busy using YouTube to pick the music for the ceremony and reception. Be very careful that the songs you choose are available for your wedding DJ to buy or are in their collection. Your day could be perfect from the flowers to the food. But if the music is wrong, you’ll hear about it from your guests. Take extra time to be sure that your wedding entertainment is fun for everyone.

Make sure that you DJ has radio edited music. Many DJs today just download various version from youtube. This is where the explicit language comes into play. Diamond DJs uses radio versions of every new song that has come out since 1997 when we started in Carolina’s. Why do DJs download from youtube? They don’t want to spend the money to get LEGAL versions of the song. We spend $20.00 per cd with all the current music for the month and there is two cds per month. Not only do we have the radio edited songs all the songs are ripped at 320 bit rate which is very high quality. When downloading songs from youtube the quality is poor to fair only. Let the music play!

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