Choosing the Best Wedding Entertainment!

Welcome to your wedding DJ guide from Diamond DJs Entertainment Services. We are here to provide assistance through every aspect of planning your wedding entertainment. 

Remember that factors such as the distance your
entertainment has to travel, the popularity of the date and any extra services
offered can alter the price. Friday and Sunday weddings can often be cheaper!

Charlotte wedding DJ entertainment can be catered to your
specific budget.  You can still have an
amazing wedding celebration with a small budget.

Hiring a professional wedding DJ like we offer at Diamond DJs  to perform at your wedding may seem expensive on the surface, but there is a good reason for this. If you only learn one thing from this guide, it’s that you should absolutely hire professionals for what is potentially the biggest day of your life.

“But, I have a friend or cousin who can do it…“ We all know
a friend who loves to play DJ and make playlists or mix songs at home or at
small parties.  BUT put them in front of
a crowd with a list of requests and a sea of drunken friends… how can you
guarantee they won’t fold under pressure? 

Your Charlotte wedding DJ should also provide professional sound equipment (with back up equipment) and liability insurance.  Diamond DJs  provides all that and professional MC/DJ so you can trust that your wedding day will be a joyous celebration with NO Drama!

Now let’s talk about the price of a Charlotte wedding
DJ.  What Is Included?

Performance: This is the bit you really care about. The
actual performance from beginning to end makes up part of the fee for your
wedding entertainment, and it promises to be epic!

Expertise: When booking a professional wedding DJ, you are
also paying for the years of experience that come with their craft. The best
wedding entertainers will know how to deal with pretty much any situation,
because you can guarantee they’ve dealt with it many times before.

Liability Insurance: Like we mentioned above, professional
wedding DJ entertainers will have the relevant insurance and equipment
documents. Your venue may ask to see these – booking with Diamond DJ Services will
ensure that you are paying for a DJ entertainer that is fully insured.

Equipment: The wedding DJ entertainer will provide all of
their own equipment as part of the fee. You don’t have to worry about PA hire,
microphones, amplifiers or any other technical wizardry…

 It’s been a pleasure.
The team here at Diamond DJ Services always welcome any other questions you may
have about your wedding entertainment.

All of this and more makes up the final price that you see
in front of you for your potential wedding entertainment! Bear this in mind
when you are looking for entertainers. The most professional wedding DJ will
create memorable moments on your wedding day and will provide all of the above
as part of their fee.

If you want to chat with us further then you can call

Good luck with your entertainment search and all the best
from Diamond DJ Services.

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