Things to consider when hiring a wedding DJ in Charlotte NC

The processing of deciding how much to pay for entertainment can get overwhelming.  As a result, you should know that the average price for an experienced wedding DJ in Charlotte for  a 4 hour wedding reception can range for $700 to  $1200. Prices can be higher if the DJ is doing the wedding ceremony music as well. The average reception in Charlotte lasts about 4 hours. Here are some very important items to consider when hiring a Charlotte wedding DJ.


A seasoned wedding DJ can be worth their weight in gold.  I would recommend finding a DJ near Charlotte, NC who has at least one hundred wedding ceremonies and receptions under their belt. This might sound like a lot, but it’s not. I have been doing this for 20 years and I have done about a thousand weddings in North and South Carolina.

Master of ceremonies

When you meet your wedding DJ (before you sign the contract) ask if he or she will be the master of ceremonies. A great MC will make sure that your wedding reception meets your expectation.  We make it a priority to meet with our brides and walk them through an average wedding ceremony and reception concentrating on the flow of the evening. It is the most important part of the wedding reception. You don’t want to do things too fast so you and your guests feel rushed.  In contrast, you also don’t want to take your sweet time and have your guests get bored and you run out of time at the end of the night.

What’s included in that package

There are always add-on items that can spruce up a wedding reception. When it comes to the DJ their four hour package should come with an experienced DJ (dressed to impress), the sound system and lights for the dance floor. The other things are optional that are nice but not critical to the success of your wedding such as up-lighting.

What happens if the DJ is sick that day? Or the equipment fails?

This one is often overlooked every reputable DJ should have a backup DJ and equipment. You never know what could happen. What if the DJ gets into a bad accident the day before? Make sure you go over this and what back up equipment they bring with them the day of your wedding ceremony and reception.  In my experience is usually something simple like and extra cord that could save a wedding from disaster.

Make sure the DJ you meet will be your DJ at your wedding

Make sure when calling potential DJ services that the one you meet with will be the DJ on your wedding day. I have had a lot of brides call me because a certain company could not assign a DJ months in advance. DO NOT book any DJ service until you meet with them. Our Policy at Diamond DJs is you meet the person who will be your DJ before you sign the contract. When you book your wedding with Diamond DJ, you will will correspond with your personal DJ.

What  name brand(s) of equipment do you use?

It amazes me how many DJs use sub-par equipment. Here are some great names in the business: Mackie, Rane, Jbl, EV, Crown, Sure, Audio technica, Yamaha, Bose, Denon and even Peavey has a good reputation.  Here are some manufactures I would stay away from: Behringer, American DJ, Numark, Gemini.

How long has your company been a DJ service in Charlotte NC?

I would also ask how long their company has been in the Charlotte area.  Do they have a website?  believe it or not there are  a lot of so called DJs who don’t.  I would also ask if any venues can give them a reference. Venues see DJs week in week out. They know the good ones and the bad ones.

Do they have a contract for you to sign/How much deposit?

Most companies will have you sign a contract which secures your date.  Most will also assign a specific DJ to your wedding ceremony and reception. You can expect pay a deposit ranging from 25% to 50% with the balance due a week before the wedding date.

Do your research for a happy wedding day!

There is a lot more I could mention in this blog but my point is to get you thinking.  Knowledge is power! There are several options when it comes to Wedding DJs. There are still a few DJs who do it on their own and also some very good DJ services in Charlotte, NC.   Do your homework and you will be a happy bride.

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